Do Not: [VirtualBox] Merge Snapshot when out of space

What happened: I’m running out of hard disk space on host machine where I have my VirtualBox virtual machines setup. So, am thinking to move the virtual machines artifacts to some secondary storage. I had 40GB worth of snapshots + 30GB of the VHD. So, instead of moving 70GB, I’m planning to merge the snapshots and just move the 30GB VHD.

The result? It ran out of space when merging, and the base VHD gets corrupted. I’m not able to load the virtual machines anymore. Tried using VirtualPC, not successful too.

Lesson learnt: Do not do merge snapshot on VirtualBox when you’re running out of space on where you keep the virtual machines.

What I’m going to do next is to rebuild the virtual machine. I should have syspreped 1 baseline installation before. Sad smile

12. January 2012
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